Region and population

Pian del Nasso is located in a region full of hills and valleys and wide open fields. Here you will find the Alta Langa still in its original form. The Bormida River gives the name to the region: the Bormida Valley. Pian del Nasso is a small valley and has two of its own rivers, the Rio Cravi and Rio Madonna.

The trees that cover the hills are mostly chestnut trees, oaks and pines. Furthermore, you can marvel at the beautiful views; the open fields and meadows. You will find a lot here fruitbomen (appels, peren, kersen, pruimen, perziken, vijgen, hazel- en walnoten). De natuur staat garant voor uren wandel- en fietsplezier.

The people in this part of Italy are described as the friendliest people in all of Europe. In any case, it is unprecedented how warm and friendly the people are here enthusiastic they greet you even if they have only seen you once.

Olmo Gentile Pian del Nasso

Village festivals

Each village organizes its own festival or party every year in the period from May to September. And those parties wouldn't be complete without the delicious local dishes.


In half an hour you will be on the coast with medieval fishing villages, wide boulevards, beaches and the Mediterranean Sea.

Winter sports

For people who enjoy winter sports, there is a ski area at a distance of one to one and a half hours' drive (south of Mondovi).

Ligurië Pian del Nasso


In Piedmont, viticulture is important (Barolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Moscato, etc.) and in Liguria viticulture is on the rise again.


In addition to the culinary centers of Alba, Asti and Acqui Terme, Bra is known for the Slow Food movement that emerged here and the annual food festivals.

Wijnoogst Pian del Nasso
Slowfood Pian de Nasso

Due to the decline in the agricultural sector, young people often moved to the big cities. In the past two years, 'city people' have been moving more and more to the countryside because there is still space here. In the area, young people mainly find work in small industries, such as glass, furniture, construction, small businesses or arts and crafts. There is still a lot of craftsmanship to be found in our region. Tourism is on the rise, but not mass tourism, which means that here you will still find an authentically unspoiled area, populated by old-fashioned, warm-hearted people who welcome every foreigner and are always willing to help. It is therefore very easy to make contact with them, provided you speak a little bit of Italian. Crime is low and social control is high.