Pian del Nasso is located in the outskirts of Piana Crixia and borders the large regional nature park that separates Piedmont Langhe from the valleys of Bormida di Spigno. It is a hilly area with fields, forests and rivers. The hills are alternately covered with trees and shrubs or covered with the famous Calanchi (gray clayey surfaces formed by centuries of erosion), which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pian del Nasso even has its own Calanchi, which is located at the end of our fields between the overgrown hills. Due to the shape of 'our' Calanchi, it is called 'the saddle'.

In the hills and along fields you will find various trees in the area such as chestnut, acacia, oak trees, lime trees, pines, poplars and willows. In the fields you will also find many herbs, such as wild thyme, mint and rosemary. It gives a wonderful aroma when you walk through it, but the scents also come to life after a rain shower or in the morning with the dew. The various orchid species that grow wild here are very special.

Piana Crixia is an important location for the white truffle. The white truffle does especially well in soft and moist soil, rich in calcium and with good air circulation. All this makes the truffle rare and therefore even more special when you find one. The white truffle lives in symbiosis with oaks, lindens, poplars and willows and rarely in combination with other truffles. The truffle season runs from September to December and gives this already great culinary environment an extra blend during that period.

'Own' rivers Rio Cravi and Rio Madonna

The Pian del Nasso estate is located between two rivers: Rio Madonna and Rio Cravi, which meet at the watermill (Mulino). After a few kilometers the Rio Madonna ends in the Rio Bormida. These rivers are dry in hot summers, while in the spring they often carry a lot of water. Because these rivers are not very long, the chance of flooded areas is very small.

De kleine rivieren hielpen in het verleden bij het functioneren van de watermolen. De Rio Madonna geldt nog steeds als een van de belangrijkste bronnen voor de gemeentelijke watervoorziening. De riviertjes begrenzen het landgoed Pian del Nasso over een lengte van 1,5 km en geeft het terrein een groen uitzicht met zijn eigen bijzondere flora en fauna.

The banks surprise you every season with the most beautiful natural flower borders.

Rio Cravi Pian del Nasso
Rio Cravi Pian del Nasso
Bloemen langs de Rio Cravi, Pian del Nasso

Landscape development

In recent decades, the existing estate has been cultivated into a more park-like landscape, making full use of what is (e.g. creating paths in the tall grass) and with respect for nature.

In recent years we have been planting various trees. Trees add more variety to nature, provide shelter for birds and provide wonderful shade in the warmer periods.