Flora and fauna

You can regularly spot them here at the end of the afternoon or early in the morning: deer, but also hares. You will also see foxes, wild boars, badgers, hedgehogs, stone and pine martens and of course the famous dormouse.

When the sun shines, insects such as Wood Damselflies, Lesser Tang Dragonflies, Blue Breed Damselflies appear in the stream and countless butterflies in the beds with lavender. According to the well-known butterfly watcher and birdwatcher Hans van Oosterhout, a lavender plant alone contains at least 20 different species of butterflies: Butterflies (Large, Blackspriet, Yellowspriet, Breton Spotted, Brown, Mallow and Dwarf), Fritillary Butterflies (Large, Dune, Forest Edge, Torch, Purple , Blackberry, Knapweed, Bicolor, Forest and Emperor's Mantle), Cleopatra and Lemon Butterfly in numbers that, according to him, make you dizzy. Here you will also see White Banded Sand Eyes, Checkerboards, Large Satyr Sand Eyes and other sand eyes. Hummingbird butterflies also fly around en masse. But in addition to insects, you will also see lizards, including the rare green Emerald Lizard, toads, snakes, the Slow Worm, many types of green frogs, the unique Fire Salamander, the stag beetle, dragonflies and grasshoppers. Very special are the fireflies that illuminate the fields of Pian del Nasso in the evening like small floating lights from June to late July.

Pian del Nasso is also a true bird paradise. In the spring you can see and hear the Nightingale. You hear and see the Black and Great Spotted Woodpecker, Buzzards, the Little Owl, the Tawny Owl, the Scops Owl, the song of the Nightjar, the Magpie, the Jay, the Black Redstart (which nest in the stone walls), the Wagtails, tits, robins and, since we planted trees and shrubs around the house, sparrows. Pheasants hop around in the fields, you see Partridges and the Kestrel. The bee-eaters, the Hoopoe and Golden Oriole are also very special.

Flora on our estate

The flora on our estate is very diverse thanks to the variety of meadows, fruit, gardens and forests. There are different altitudes on the estate: flat land, hilly land, the Calanchi and the wetlands near the river. At Pian del Nasso we pay special attention to the preservation of the wild natural vegetation areas and we do not use pesticides.

Wilde Orchidee Pian del Nasso

Pian del Nasso is home to a flora with rare species and (forgotten) wild vegetation. The variety of orchids, mushrooms and truffles, herbs and wild plants and flowers is unique.