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We look back on the past year with pleasure and pride. A lot has happened and a lot has already been achieved. We only have to look at our garden and the new trees, at our house that, as of this week, is completely finished inside, at the Cascina that we were able to renovate and redesign this year, at the fields that have been plowed and are ready to be planted with lavender in the spring, to all the 'normal' regulations, each a challenge in Italian, but nevertheless successful, to the new friends and neighbors that we have been able to get to know and 'understand' here. But especially and above all, looking at the many friends and family who we saw visibly enjoying and at Pian del Nasso, with the biggest surprise being Sander's parents.


We would never have dared to dream it, given their health combined with the challenging circumstances of this time. But thanks to the help and willingness of Sander, Uncle Bert and Aunt Miep to bring them, Joke and Hans arrive at Pian del Nasso in September. A more than special moment followed by an unforgettable time. Being able to show and experience Pian del Nasso in real life (impossible through a photo or film), the many trips (to 'Fabio' from Ristorante Braia, 'the ladies' from Della Posta, to Celle Ligure on the Mediterranean and having lunch at Pitosfore and visiting surrounding towns) it was enjoyable for all parties. And Hans arrived with a walking stick, he quickly threw it away and - as if it were the most normal thing in the world - walked with me and Dasti across the field to the river. At one point Hans was even lost when, as it turned out, he was on a voyage of discovery to the Rustico! (on a steep hill!). So nice to see and to see both Joke and Hans shine. Worth repeating, but this visit cannot be taken away from all of us!

There are of course many new plans on the table for the new year. Planting the lavender in the spring, launching our new website, but also the renovation of the Rustico and insulating the outside of our house. These plans have been in place for some time and have been somewhat delayed, not due to 'Italian situations' but due to the global lack of materials due to COVID, which means our contractor cannot start. But as always, things will work out just at the right time, speriamo, dus we houden de moed erin. Wat zou het niettemin fijn zijn als dat eenmaal gereed is, dan kunnen we eindelijk ons huis aan de buitenkant in de verf zetten en het zal ook heel wat graden en ‘pelletzakken’ schelen.

In any case, we will be warm this Christmas. Yesterday, four pallets with (almost 300) bags for our stove arrived here. Of course we had already had a supply brought in, with last year's harsh winter in mind, but our voluptuous stove knows no bounds in this not-so-great-insulated house and we saw our supply dwindling day by day. Anyway, as always, it went exactly right. And according to Sander, these bags warm you three times: when you carry them to the shed, when you carry them to the stove and when they finalmente in de kachel bevinden.

From Pian del Nasso we wish everyone a very nice, relaxing Christmas and a beautiful and healthy 2022!

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