Pian del Nasso

Pian del Nasso

Holiday homes on the border of Piemonte and Liguria

Welcome – Benvenuti

Welcome to the website of Pian del Nasso! An estate consisting of hills, vast fields, forests and surrounded by rivers. Pian del Nasso is located on the border of Piemonte and Liguria on the edge of the large regional natural park of Piana Crixia. This special place houses three wonderful luxury holiday homes, each with a unique location and architectural style

Enjoy the pure Italian life…

Staying on Pian del Nasso means Piemonte - with the famous Alte Langhe - and Liguria - with the beautiful Riviera of Flowers - within easy reach. Pian del Nasso is the perfect base for a visit to cities such as Turin, Genoa and Milan, but also for a day in the Mediterranean Sea, a visit to the wine region with its picturesque towns such as Alba, Asti and Barolo. A holiday at Pian del Nasso promises everything you can expect from a holiday in Italy: delicious food and drinks, strolling through medieval villages and towns, enjoying the beach and sea or relaxing at the heated swimming pool and enjoying the beautiful nature.

Small introduction

We are Sander Haas and Corine Rosenthal and were both born and raised in beautiful Baarn. We have been the owners of Pian del Nasso since March 2020 after spending more than ten years on holiday in this special place. We live here together with our Bernese Mountain dog Noor and the only remaining original resident of Pian del Nasso; calico cat Meow.

It is impossible to capture Pian del Nasso completely in images or words. The beautiful views, the wonderful floral and herbal scents, the silence and at the same time those breathtaking sounds from nature. Come and experience it with us: we say: “Benvenuti”!

The fruit of silence is tranquility…