vini piemontese

The south of Piedmont

evening in Turin

The area is famous for its wines, which include some of the best produced in Italy such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato D'Asti.


Its local cuisine is known throughout Italy (Slowfood cuisine). The precious white truffles of this region have been compared to gold, because of their cost and delicacy. Langhe, Monferrato and the Roero region became Unesco world heritage in June 2014.



Cuneo and Asti provinces to the south and west of the river Tanaro are famous for its wines, and for its truffles. The hills of Langhe contain Piedmont's finest vineyards. The grapes grown in this region are primarily nebbiolo, dolcetto and barbera. The nebbiolo grape is used to make the well known Piedmontese red wines Barolo and Barbaresco. Within Langhe are famous wine towns such as Barolo, La Morra, Monforte, Serralunga d'Alba and Barbaresco.



Monferrato extends from Turin to the eastern border of Alessandria, bounded by the Po River to the north and merging into Langhe in the south. The Monferrato is divided into the northern and southern area with Asti in the center. This area is also a well known wine area particularly for Barbera d'Asti, as well as less known varieties such as Fresia, Grignolino, Brachetto, Malavasia and Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato; it is also known for one of the rare white wines of the region: the Gavi. The Monferrato is also famous for its white truffles found in Autumn and celebrated in for its local festivals each Sunday. Roero - the hills situated on the west bank of Tanaro River between Alba and Asti. The sandier soil produces light Nebbiolo wines as well as Piedmontís best white variety the Arneis. The area is also famous for its honey; there is a beekeeping trail you can walk, as well as peaches (check the local markets in summer and autumn). And then there is the Eco-museum of the Roero rocks. The great path of the Roero is a hiking trail stretching from Cisterna to Bra which incorporates the Roero rocks, ancient lime and sandstone cliffs.

Places nearby


Cortemilia: little provincial town which is the center of the famous hazelnuts cultivation (Ferrero).


Roccaverano: highest point of the Asit Langhe area, famous for its panoramic views on the Alps and the typical Robbiola cheese.

acqui terme

Acqui Terme: little town, famous for its thermae and spas; gastronomical centre of the Monferrato region.