piana crixia

Piana Crixia

Pian del Nasso is situated in a quiet valley 4 km from Piana Crixia near to a regional park with streams and rolling hills up to 600 m high. In Piana Crixia there are several restaurants, some general food stores, a cafe/bar, bakery, butcher, post office and pharmacy.
Piana Crixia has a railway station and good bus connections.

Natural monument the Fungo of Piana Crixia

The Piana Crixia Fungo (mushroom), located near old Borgo village, is an amazing kind of erosion: a gigantic mass of ophiolite stone is held up by a column of conglomerate. The Fungo is 15 meters tall and well worth a visit.

piana crixia fungo

Regional park

piana crixia park