Ligure (inland), places nearby

cairo montenotte

Cairo Montenotte

little town with an old historical centre. Nice medieval festivals in august.

altare glas


known for its glass industries with a glass museum.

sassello funghi


centre of the famous Amaretti cookies and mushroom gastronomy. Visiting centre for the Beigua regional park.

Ligure (coastal area)

cinque terre

The Liguria region of Italy is quite famous thanks to Cinque Terre, but itís definitely not lacking other things to see! The region is characterized by its long and thin shape and by the presence of both shores and mountains. The main city of the region is Genova. Explore the narrow, sometimes dark alleys typical of the city. You canít miss the wonderful, famous Aquarium and the Porto Antico.


If youíre into long walks, itís a good idea to go from Santa Margherita to Portofino, walking the path on the coast. The elegant city of Alassio and its famous Muretto. Sestri Levante is a picturesque city on the Gulf of Tigullio. Itís stretched along two bays, the Baia delle Favole (The Fairytales Bay), whose name was decided by the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen, and the Baia del Silenzio (The Silence Bay), surrounded by houses in pastel colors and fishing boats.


Between Camogli and Portofino, in a narrow bay, lies the ancient abbey of San Fruttuoso. The place can be reached either on foot from Portofino or Camogli or by boat from Santa Margherita Ligure or, again, from Portofino. Camogli is also famous for the Sagra del Pesce of the second Sunday of May Ė fresh fish is fried into huge pans right in the main piazza! De stad Sanremo is vooral bekend in Italië vanwege de bloementeelt en jaarlijkse muziek festival gehouden in het The city of Sanremo is well known in Italy thanks to its production of flowers and because of the Music Festival held in the Ariston Theater every year. But Sanremo is worth a visit, among other things, also because of the colorful Russian Orthodox Church.

hanbury garden

Hanbury Garden

For garden lovers: Hanbury garden on the seafront in the village Ventimiglia (near the border with France).