estate and surroundings


regional park

Estate Pian del Nasso adjoins the Regional Park of Piana Crixia, which the Piedmont Langhe area separates the valleys of Bormida di Spigno. The gentle rolling hills are cultivated with farms and contrast with the Calanchi: grimfo rmations formed by centuries of erosion and sedimentation of the rocks and clay terrain. Origin of the Calanchi is the seabed which is pushed to rocky hills. These features make this region an open-air geo-morphological treasure. The contrast between the lush vegetation and you & euml, eroded rock is fascinating.


The badlands create an unusual sort of wilderness: blades of gray tufo stone bordered in green give way to tiny valleys created by a vast network of small, irregularly flowing streams.

calanchi pian del nasso

The 'saddle' is part of our property and belongs to the protected badlands.



The gegeral vegetation in our area mainly consists of of chestnut trees, black hornbeam and Scots pine; there are also several species of pubescent Oaks and the Southern European flowering ash. Wild thyme, rosemary and mint are common as well several species of orchids , wild roses and a large collection of wild plants

White truffle

white truffle

Piana Crixia is one of the main finding areas of the prized white truffle: a challenge for gourmets looking for local products. The white truffle has a spherical shape, with many irregularities on the bark. Nevertheless, the surface is smooth and slightly velvety. The color varies from light to dark cream, sometimes even a greenish color. The interior of the white truffle is unmistakable and is white or grayish-yellow with thin white veins. The smell is pleasantly aromatic and different from all other types of truffle. The truffle grows in symbiosis with oaks, limes, poplars and willows and seldom in combination with other truffles.


To emerge and grow, the white truffle needs to have special soil and climatic conditions: the ground is soft and humid for much of the year, rich in calcium and there should be a good air circulation. All these features make the white truffle a rare, valuable and desirable object. The truffle season runs from September to December.

little rivers

river cravi

The estate is located between two little rivers: Rio Madonna and Rio Cravi, which confluences with Rio Madonna at the watermill Mulino. After a few kilometers Rio Madonna confluences with Rio Bormida. These rivers run dry in hot summers, whilst in spring they often carry lots of water. Due to fact that these steams are relatively short the chances for flooded grounds are very low.

river madonna

The small rivers once fed the watersupply for the mill. Rio Madonna is used as one of the main sources for the municipal water supply. The rivers are bordering with the property Pian del Nasso over a length of 1.5 km and give the property a green view with its own particular flora and fauna.

sandstone erosion in rio Madonna

erosion rio madonna

The sandstone erosion in Rio Madonna often results in funny and artistic forms.


landscaping, plants and gardening

terrace plants

wood oven

terrace rustico

In the past fifteen years we gradually tried to transform the existing property into a park-like landscape using the existing elements without destroying valuable vegetation and structures. We created lawns around the buildings, did some border- and fruit planting, recovered old dry walls and did a lot of selective tree cutting and pruning. To maintain the open views cutting near the little rivers is a must. We created paths and dirt roads into the woods and near the meadows and wetland. For mowing and haymaking we have an agreement with a farmer in the neighbourhood.