flora and fauna

wilde zwijnen

Regularly one can see deer, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, the famous Dormouse, hares, the stone- and pine marten, and of course the wild boars.

vos kijkt door raam

Fox looking through the window of our Rustico.

smaragd hagedis

Many species of insects and reptiles: the Toad, Lizard, green lizard, all kind of snakes (here called biscia), blindworm, tree frog, water frog, fire salamander, Big Stag Beetle and many other beetles, dragonflies, mantises and spiders.


Springtime love: Two copulating yellow-green whip snakes
(image Klaas Bosma)


Special attention should go the variety of butterflies and night-butterflies much depending on the wildflower vegetation and herbs.

groene specht

Looking at the birds we find the red- and green woodpecker, buzzards, some species of eagles, short-eared owl, wood owl, the nightjar, hoopoe, magpie, Jay, redstart (in the stone walls), chickadees, robins and other song birds. In the fields we see the pheasant, quail and the common Kestrel

vogel hop


In the little streams we only find a small variety of fish as the little rivers are drying out during summer. We find bitterlings, rockling, bullhead and little barbells


The birds catching the fish: the heron and sometimes the kingfisher.


The flora on our property is very diverse and appreciated because of a number of special conditions. First of all there is the variety of cultivation - meadows, fruits, gardens and woods - and the altitudes within the property: flatland, hilly country, the badlands, and wetlands near the river. Furthermore, we pay special attention to maintain parts of rough natural vegetation areas, and we don't use any pesticides.


All these conditions, together with the general climate, results in a flora with rare species and (forgotten) wild vegetation. The variety of orchids, the mushrooms and truffles, the herbs, the wild plants and flowers attracts all the fauna already mentioned.