The area and its people

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Beautiful hilly valleys interspersed with broad open fields. Local peaks can reach up to 900 meters. The area was and still is mainly agricultural.
There is a lot of water in the area: the Bormida river gives its name to our valley and nearly every old farmhouse still has its own well.

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The vegetation consists of woods (broad-leaved woods, of which many chestnut trees and also pines), fields, meadows and fruit trees (apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, figs, hazel- and walnuts). Besides enjoying the country life with peaceful nature and the unspoilt environment you can go for walking-, cycling- or horse-riding tours..

local village festival

village festivals

Also we mention the many local festivals and feasts which are held from May till September in every little village. Music concerts and local festivals are often part of the country-life during summer.



On top of that there is the lively scene at the Riviera only a 30-minute drive away, with medieval fishing villages, broad boulevards, beaches and the Mediterranean itself.



For people who love winter sports, there is a ski-area at a distance of one up to one and a half hours drive (south from Mondový).



For the south of the Piedmont region the wine production is the main source of agriculture (Barolo, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Moscato) whilst the wine cultivation in Liguria is happily returning


Werk en toekomst

Due to the fall in the agricultural sector young people are studying and moving to the big cities, unless they find work in the small industry, eg. glass, furniture, construction, arts and crafts. There is also lots of craftsmanship in our region. Tourism should provide a solution, but as the first steps are only now being made, one finds an authentic unspoilt area populated by old-fashioned warm people who welcome every foreigner and always are willing to help. It is very easy to make contact with them, provided that one has a little bit of understanding of the Italian language. Crime rates are very low and the social control is very high.

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Besides the culinary centers of Alba, Asti and Acqui Terme, Bra is famous for the Slow Food movement and the annual food festivals.